Beauty and the Beast Lyrics


The greatest story in the history of mankind and probably the most well known is Beauty and the Beast. This Disney movie is not only a classic, but also a spiritual epic. Although only in its early parts, the movie has already managed to create a stir among people of all ages. Just reading the original Japanese version and even the English version can be very inspiring and interesting. Both versions tell different stories about a classic story about a monster who was turned into a human.

Beauty and the Beast is about a young woman named Belle who lives in a peaceful town when a monster appears on her doorstep and takes her. There are several other characters including the evil stepmother, a huntsman who tries to kill Belle, and a giant who wants to rule the kingdom. I must say that the Beast is my favorite Disney character because he has so many attributes. He is kind and gentle, but also mysterious and animal-like. He represents the values of kindness, friendship, and trust.

Aside from these qualities, Beast also sings several songs in the movie including “The Heart Song”, “Belle’s Ghost”, “Poodle Shop”, “Daughter”, and many others. Some of these songs even had significant meaning for me when I was a child, and this makes them even more powerful. I am sure that a lot of people love these songs as well, and that is why the popularity of them continues to this day. For anyone who doesn’t know, you can now listen to “Beauty and the Beast” on both CDs and videos, and you will enjoy the unique story and music it contains.

Beauty and the Beast Lyrics

Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney’s most beloved cartoons. The movie itself has a charm that makes children happy, especially when those characters become incarnations of their favorite characters. Because of this, many young girls aspire to be like their favorite Disney princesses. This is why many of these little girls love reading the timeless Beauty and the Beast Lyrics.

Beauty and the Beast” is based on a traditional fairytale, in which a hideous animal, the monster Gaston, presides over a civilized human kingdom. The monster is extremely powerful, as his physical appearance suggests: he is huge, almost blind, has white fur, and walks with a huge stride. His rule is unbalanced by any of the characters’ ideals. Beauty and the Beast’s protagonist, an innocent young woman named Belle, falls for the monster and is transformed into a monster to escape from him and join her Prince Charming. For some time, things seem to be going right, until the Beast knocks Belle unconscious with a rake, claiming that she has already fallen in love with him.

Once in the possession of Beast, Belle becomes his queen, ruling over a country that proves to be decadent and corrupt. Despite being aware of the Beast’s filthy business practices, Belle does not stop him from marrying and eventually having his first child with her new husband, Beast. When the queen is taken away by the huntsman Beast, he uses her body to impregnate his own daughter, Lea. When Beast finds out that he cannot produce any more children, he cancels all remaining weddings and celebrations, announcing that there will be no more joyous occasion until he has fully fertilized Belle with the sperm of the Beast.

When the Beast finds out that Belle has been impregnated by Beast, he becomes furious and goes on a rampage, leaving town and leaving Belle in danger. The Beast, however, is stopped by a wisp of smoke that reads his mind, and realizes that the only way to save Belle and to free himself from the Beast is to throw his sword into the water. Belle manages to distract the Beast long enough for the huntsman and his dog to grab her before Beast can throw his sword into the water. When the smoke clears, Beast finds out that Belle and Beast are actually good friends and spend many happy times together.

The most well known section of the song is the beginning and the end, where Beast laments about how everything he has done has failed him, and that his life is a failure due to his relationship with Belle. The first verse talks about how he feels like Beauty has changed him, turning him into something that he knows he is not capable of doing anymore. Then in the last verse, he apologizes for everything that he has done, and asks Belle to forgive him for his past mistakes. He even offers to give up his freedom if she would forgive him, but Belle refuses, declaring that as long as he lives, she will always have a part of him in her heart.

Overall, this movie and its lyrics have become hugely popular, especially in Disney lovers’ circle. It has even reached the number one spot on the iTunes chart for songs like “Friendship”, and it has also reached the top twenty for movies and music videos. Aside from the movie and the lyrics, Beauty and the Beast is also a great musical, with many well known songs included (such as “Beauty’s Gone Crazy”, and “Happily Ever After”)

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