Something There by Robin Thicke – Original Version


In Beauty and the Beast, Gaston Lemon’s character has very few lines to offer, other than some curse words and a suggestion that perhaps he should hang back because someone is looking. However, in this version of the story, instead of just a suggestion that perhaps someone is looking, the song tells us outright that they are looking for something. The title of the original work, The Beast, was taken from a famous nursery rhyme about a huntsman who is seeking the monster that he is chasing. Because the character is hunting down and capturing the beauty and the beast, the title has stuck.

In this version of the story, Gaston tracks Beauty down because the monster has taken up residence in his garden. It is here that he realizes what he is chasing and that it is the real thing, something beautiful and the Beast. He prepares to kill the monster when the old woman in his life comes to tell him about her late husband, whom she had found dead in the garden.

As the old woman talks, Gaston realizes that the real thing is something else; it is the embodiment of everything he has lost along the way, and that includes his mother. This is where the song starts to play, as Gaston realises that the woman is the daughter of the late Beast, and that the child will be his undoing. When the old woman bids him good-bye, he takes the chance to ask about his mother and where she has gone. He gets no information and decides that it is time to end this bad dream and move on, leaving Beauty and the Beast behind.

A year later, at a party celebrating her ninetieth birthday, the original beauty and the beast appear once again, this time as children. They claim to be the children of the Beast, so that nobody will know that the original Beauty is someone else. The children use the name Aladdin to pretend to be the Beast. When confronted with a group of adults who do know that Beauty is an impostor, Aladdin runs away, pursued by the angry Jafar. Just before Jafar can kill Aladdin, Beauty appears and attacks Jafar, only to be distracted by the appearance of the real Aladdin.

When Aladdin and his sidekick return to the palace, they find that the princess has been taken captive by Jafar’s men. At this point, the real Beauty arrives and attacks Jafar, only for him to have his guard knocked down by Aladdin. Aladdin uses his magic carpet to escape while Beauty distracts Jafar with her glass slipper. The Beast then joins forces with Aladdin to fight Jafar and his troops, though the Princess eventually escapes.

This song ends with a romantic conclusion as Aladdin captures the Beast using his magic carpet, and they kiss. The lyrics suggest that the relationship between Aladdin and the Beast was founded on love, something that is also reflected in the story of Beauty and the Beast. This version of the story is not the original, but it is the most popular version that is known worldwide.

Beauty and the Beast Song

The Beauty and the Beast is an animated movie released in theaters in 1998, that was written by Charles Morritz. It is based on a Chinese Folklore story called The Jade Dragon and the Forbidden City. The movie takes place in post-modern Tokyo and follows the life of Ritsuka Fuji, who lives a sheltered life amidst the skyscrapers of the city. One day, a young man named Tatsuya Shirogane arrives at her doorstep, claiming to be her son who was taken away from his home. Ritsuka is overjoyed at the news, but Tatsuya quickly leaves without telling her anything else, leaving her worried and lonely while he fends for himself.

Two years later, Ritsuka returns to Tokyo to find herself the target of a serial killer known as The Beast. The Beast has been hired by a certain Mr. X to track down someone he saw running through the woods with a large amount of money the previous day. The only problem with this task is that The Beast is too powerful to fool by catching, much less tricking, Ritsuka. When she realizes what Mr. X is up to, she flees the scene and Tatsuya is left to try and protect her from the Beast himself while battling other enemies including humans who have taken a vow to never harm the beautiful but unborn girl.

This movie is extremely symbolic of love, loss, and life in general. It isn’t just a story about two people who are in love, it’s also about friendship, heartbreak, and how to survive the things that life throws at you. For me, the greatest part of the film is when Ritsuka realizes that The Beast can be destroyed but not humans. She uses her knowledge of the true essence of the Beast’s essence to defeat him and save herself. The song Beauty and the Beast is a masterpiece and are available for you to download from websites online if you like that style of music.

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