The Beauty and the Beast Songs Lyrics


In Beauty and the Beast, Enya Ensemble’s version of the original Japanese story, a young woman named Mashiro was turned into a monster-like creature by a magical spell. She soon found herself a master of illusion and the devil’s arts, and had made a bargain with the King of Cats to get her hands on the Excalibur stone. When the evil witch reached out to have the magic stone, a fierce battle broke out, in which she temporarily blinded the King with a glance from the fireplace. Then, after convincing the king to go to the battlements to see for himself, she used her powers to make his soldiers attack helplessly at the rear. When the battle was over, the King fell in love with Mashiro and commissioned her to be his queen.

The basic plot of the story is simple, but the music is a masterpiece. These days, many musicians love to perform the original Beauty and the Beast songs, which are often heard as background music at live shows. The gentle melody and gentle rhythms are perfect for a beautiful melody, and the words are great for telling the tale of a lovely woman who was turned into a monster. These days there are also versions of the story that are told through the point of view of the Beast. This is especially suitable for people who want to learn about the history of the most famous fairy tale ever written, while at the same time be able to enjoy an original tune in their midst.

Even if you do not understand the story, the songs are still very meaningful. As the decades go by, we will keep hearing about the fabulous story of Beauty and the Beast. Not only is it a great story itself, but the songs are great to listen to. The words can be heartfelt, like those sung by the characters in the story, or they can be funny and poke fun at those who might not fully understand what is going on.

Beauty and the Beast Lyrics

“Beauty And The Beast” are one of the most beloved and classic fairy tale stories ever written by William Shakespeare. The story revolves around a beautiful young woman who falls in love with a handsome young prince, and from this moment on, this sweet and innocent girl is transformed into a hideous creature by the hands of the evil queen. Many modern-day readers who haven’t read the original version of these tales are surprised to find out that this Disney film has taken the story literally and gone through all the changes that the original literary text went through. If you love this timeless story, you will love “The Queen”.

“The Queen” is not only a great book to read, but it’s also a great musical version of the original story. Much like the original movie, the book includes original songs that were not in the original version, which makes this book even more special than the original. While the original story was about a pretty princess who fell in love with a poor boy, “The Queen” tells us that the queen is more in control of everything that goes on in her kingdom than the poor boy who is always dreaming. Every night, she commands her subjects to serve her will, and if any of their number tries to defy her, the horrific Queen gets angry and becomes completely obsessed with finding a young man to murder.

The good news is that we live in a day and age where a multitude of great books, such as this one, are available to us. Whether you enjoy reading romance novels, or horror novels such as this one, you can find a reading version of Beauty and the Beast that are just right for you. Take some time and make sure that you check out some of the beautiful lyrics in this book, before you’ve had a chance to read the book and enjoy all the illustrations. You will truly enjoy this story, once you have read it.

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