Beauty and the Beast Lyrics


“Beauty and the Beast” is one of those rare literary creations that manages to be both beautiful and sentimental all at the same time. Even though the story is only eleven pages long, it packs a punch and is sure to delight both young and old alike. It is also very funny, so if you are not a big fan of Gaston Riddle’s world of wonder, I highly recommend that you check it out.

Beauty and the Beast are centered on a classic fairy tale where a handsome prince falls in love with an enchantress, but she turns down his offer of marriage because he is still only a boy. He then wishes to become a fully grown man, but Gaston has other ideas. He makes a deal with the devil to transform himself into a monster in order to win the lady, and with the help of his friends, he succeeds. Now the evil Beast has plans for revenge, and Gaston must save the kingdom while struggling with his new powers.

This is a very sweet book, and I think that is why its popularity has lasted so long. But like with any good story, there are some very powerful imagery and language that are hard to miss. This book has a timeless quality that makes it great reading material for kids as well as adults. The beautiful images are shown in full color and add an aura of nostalgia to the book. I especially enjoyed reading about Gaston and his family, as it gives you a feel for how life was when he was still a kid. The book also includes excellent lyrics, which captures the heartstrings quite effectively.

The story begins with a narration by Gaston and his mother, who told their story about how they became the Beast. They recount how Gaston was born with no hands, and how he used to hide in the bushes along the river hoping to see something. When he finally reached adulthood, he decided to return to the Beast. He performed many magical acts to please the Beast, and when he completed his task, the Beast turned him into a human being. This book obviously is very sad, but it also has a lot of humor along the way.

If you have a copy of this album, or even own the CD, you need to hear the original version of this song. You will be surprised at just how good Gaston can play the acoustic guitar. There are some very tender moments on this CD, especially near the end when the original singer is just breaking up with his girlfriend. The singer still loves his girl, but is unsure what he has left her. The music is amazing, with a gentle refrain followed by the original song beginning. Once you hear this version, you are going to fall in love with the song.

I would recommend that you read this book and then take the time to listen to the original version of this song. If you love the original, and don’t want to listen to anything else, then do not worry. This is just a small suggestion, as this is one of my all time favorite songs.

The Beast Lyrics

In Beauty And The Beast, Gaston & Company are at it’s best. I love the references to bread and butter, the metaphors involving eating and the general atmosphere of domestic bliss. Gaston & Company have taken their message to a new level, and in my opinion have upped the ante on what great lyrics can sound like. This album is highly recommended for any fan of great music.

Some of the best parts of this collection are the interlude songs, which help to take you into the dreamlike state that Gaston & co. describe so well. “Goodbye My Love” is one such song, as is the slightly frightening” Nocturnal Chorus.” “The Bells of Sleep” is probably my personal favorite of all time, sung by none other than John Butler, who is known best for his work with The Who and Oasis. It’s about the inner loneliness of man, and how when you can’t see the world clearly… you tend to lose your mind. Great lyrics.

Overall, this collection is a fantastic, engaging listen, that’s perfect for fans of both classicists like me, as well as new artists fresh off of their breakthroughs. One of my favorite things about the album is the drum programming; a complex yet catchy drum beat is used on most of the material here, which works perfectly with the overall tone of the album. Bottom line… if you’re a fan, buy this album. If not… move along.

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