My Beauty And The Beast Lyrics


If you have been a fan of the Massive Attack ever since the band’s inception, then I’m sure you must have definitely heard or read about the incredible songwriting ability of Ian James and his wife Jazmine Brooks. Back in the early 1990s, the two rock stars released their first album named ‘My Beauty And The Beast’. This was really successful album and they achieved worldwide success just after that.

In the album, the two stars used various musical instruments and sounds to depict a romantic and dreamy theme for their songs. They managed to create some of the best songs that are still topping the hit charts even up to this date. However, the popularity of this album made them even take their music into the world of pop, where they created the most beloved song of all time ‘eledies and enymes’. This amazing song is still a top hit and has also reached number one in the UK and American charts. ‘My Beauty And The Beast’ also reached number four in the American charts but is not as successful in the other countries.

‘My Beauty And The Beast Lyrics’ is not only a love story about a beautiful woman and a handsome man, but it is also about the music. It is possible that this song is still in the top ten in the USA and American charts even after twenty years since the release. The lyrics are still amazing and many people consider this to be a masterpiece even though there are many versions of this story.

My Beauty And The Beast Lyrics

My Beauty And The Beast” by Arthur Miller is one of my favorite comedies. I’ll always remember the scene when the King of the Jungle and the Wild Woman are walking through the woods. The King has just killed the Wild Woman, and the Wild Woman tries to save her baby by telling her story in a melodious tone reminiscent of Mother Goose. However, the King’s patience breaks as he tells her story one more time, this time in a musical tone that breaks the monotone she uses to relate her tragic tale. He finally realizes that the only way for her to tell the story was to record it into a music box, which is where “My Beauty And The Beast” comes in.

This is a very sad story indeed, but it’s also funny in a way. Some people might find it odd that a story about a beautiful woman who lost her baby ends up as a comical yarn about a talking dog. But the reality is that Miller, a noted dog lover, had to put so much of his own personality into this story. It makes you realize that even great stories with deep meaning have to go through the process of being made comical in order to be understood.

One other thing about “My Beauty And The Beast” is that it’s a nice song and has very beautiful lyrics, so it works well as a lullaby as well as a serious narrative. In some ways, it’s like an early version of “How I Live Now” by James Joyce. There are many similar elements, but “My Beauty And The Beast” has the unique tone of a novel written by a master storyteller. If you haven’t read the book, you owe it to yourself to do so – it’s a fantastic tale of an artist’s life.

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