Beauty and the Beast Opening Song Lyrics


The Beauty and the Beast opening song, performed by the horns section of The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, is a wonderful melody with wonderful lyrics. The story begins with the death of the princess Letizia in a battle with a monster. Letizia loved beauty and the Beast, looking similar to an Egyptian princess, was seeking beauty and the sparkle of youth from her. As a result of this quest, the monster throws her into a river where all the other princesses also fall to their deaths.

It seems that the monster will continue to take over her body until her soul is cleansed. In keeping with the story, her body is tossed about the river by the sea monster while a rainbow arises above her head. A figure in a white dress appears and walks over the body. This woman is revealed to be Beauty. Her aim is to kill the King of Beasts but she is stopped by the other fairies. Then, the other animals appear and Beauty realizes that she must leave for somewhere else with the animals.

The beauty and the beast opening song contains a beautiful melody with the main theme being about life. This song was used on many different albums throughout the years and some of them were very popular. It’s always a nice song to sing as a child and can be enjoyed by adults as well. Sometimes, children like to use the nursery rhyme song for songs because they relate to it better than other nursery rhymes.

Beauty And The Beast Opening Song Lyrics

The Beauty and the Beast opening song lyrics are about a pretty, shy, and pretty princess who finds herself in a big, magical castle that is being ruled over by an evil king. She meets the handsome knight who rescues her and they start to have a love spell put upon them in order for them to be together forever. In the end of the movie they finally get to kiss and enjoy their first kiss and the very first line from this movie is “And the Beast shall open his mouth, and eat up our little song.”

If you haven’t heard the original version of this story by Sir Philip Sidney then you may want to do some reading up on the story. In the book the king of beast becomes corrupted and turns into a monster due to a potion that the queen has made him. She makes her son drink the poison in order for him to become a normal human again, but the prince dies as a result of the poison. In the end the queen vows never to make any more magic potions and in anger the king puts a curse upon her. Her son is forever indebted to her and he wants to free himself from her grasp, so in order to do this he must find the beauty and the beast who are locked in her castle.

This movie is much like the original story and it is a beautiful tale of love and betrayal that will keep many a heart a flutter long after the end of the night. If you enjoy fairy tales with a touch of romance then this movie will bring out your inner child and fill your mind with memories of days gone by. If you like movies that are based entirely in fantasy and on the whimsical side then this beauty and the beast opening song lyrics will definitely take your breath away and fill your mind with wonderful dreams of the things you can make your self. The song is fun and light hearted with a lot of excellent lyrics which really don’t have anything to do with the plot of the film itself, which is a definite plus. Just add this movie to your movie library now and enjoy!

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