The Beauty and the Beast Prologue Lyrics


The fifth album by The Beatles, Beauty and the Beast is a classic which many people are familiar with, and there are plenty of reasons for this. The album cover is a picture taken from an old travel brochure, it features a character looking very much like Merovingian from the book, except that this is actually The Beast. The book was written by Lewis Carroll, who is responsible for Alice in Wonderland. The very first appearance of The Beast in a live performance was at the Montreaux festival in France where he was portrayed by The Beatles.

Lewis Carroll had created a character that was based on the French king, Theophrastus, who was also known as Beauty and the Beast. The character was originally created as a antidote to the more evil characters in the story such as the serpent, the dragon and the witch. In the book the character is described as beautiful, kind and wise, but eventually the wickedness takes control and The Beast becomes monstrous. He forces other animals to degrade himself to serve him, while Beauty tries to help him get rid of the evil underneath.

One interesting thing about the beauty and the beast prologue lyrics, is that it doesn’t describe anything that has happened between the events in the book. It only describes how the characters feel at the time, and gives us an idea of what the characters will ultimately become. Many people have interpreted the lyrics as a message concerning drug use, depression and addiction, and in modern times it still is.

What Is the Meaning of “Beauty and the Beast Prologue Lyrics?”

The most famous of all Beauty and the Beast lyrics is undoubtedly the prologue. In the prologue, the story begins right after the previous track, Garden of Eden. In this section of the song, the characters are seen walking through a giant garden. Just before they enter it, a figure suddenly smashes a hole in the center of the garden, and a water serpent emerges from the hole. This serpent then proceeds to take the three human girls into its cave, which is populated by fairies and other weird creatures.

When the girls get trapped inside the cave, the serpent starts to hypnotize them. Before long, it makes them obey its every command and request. It makes the girls kiss each other, it makes them dance and sing, it even puts them to sleep. At the end of the Prologue, we see that the girls have been transformed into beautiful young women – but the transformation is not complete, for there is still something missing inside them. In order to complete the transformation, the evil queen demands that Belle sacrifice herself by drowning in the pool of water inside the cave.

As you can see, Beauty and the Beast prologue lyrics contain a lot of information about the history of both the narrator and the series. It gives us insight about the characters’ personalities, as well as about the background music. Music is the heart and soul of a movie, so using it correctly is very important. The use of silence in the film and in the lyrics is very effective – it lulls us into a state of forgetfulness, allowing the story to progress naturally. If you want to learn more about the movie, and how it’s made, you can find several websites that offer different opinions and reviews on Beauty and the Beast prologue lyrics.

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