Belle and the Beast Lyrics


The Beauty and the Beast are a famous ballad written by American author Louis L’Amour. It was first published in France in 1886 and is still one of the best-selling novels of all time. Beauty and the Beast has been translated into more than twenty languages and has been made into movies, cartoons, video games, and of course stage plays. The story and the characters of the story have become classic legends that are loved around the world by countless numbers of people. The inspiration for Beauty and the Beast was an old fairy tale told by a French princess named Belle.

Belle is transformed into a monster-like creature after being bitten by a serpent. She lives a solitary life underground with no human contact and has a desire to find a person who will return her affection. Her quest leads her to a handsome young man named Beast who tries to help her regain her humanity. Their encounter is a coming of age story that shows Beauty and the Beast side by side in a beautiful moment of union. The song ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is about a beautiful woman who wants to find a handsome man who will make her feel beautiful forever. In order to do this she must transform herself into a monster-creature called the Beast.

The Beauty and the Beast lyrics are some of the most beloved lines in the history of western literature. The story’s atmosphere and symbolism are romantic and epic, and the imagery is often breathtaking. The character’s unusual characteristics (Beast being just a human being who is feared by other animals as the “undead bride” and Belle being the unattainable, lovable and beautiful flower girl) add greatly to the emotional power of the story. The lyrics also add a light-hearted tone, with Belle singing ‘I feel like dancing, I’m Beauty and the Beast’ in one verse and then being interrupted by a loud, rude and burly man who is threatening her with dire consequences if she does not go with him. The Beast’s final words in the last verse of the song are ‘Oh, please let me’ – clearly showing that although he has transformed into a monster, he still has feelings for Belle.

Beauty and the Beast Lyrics

The Beauty and the Beast lyrics are not only a feast for the eyes, but also for the intellect. The book itself contains many references to ancient mythology including an account of how the story was told by the Wise Men to King Bacchus, the king of grape production in Greece. In the story, the princess who fell in love with the beast, released him from her clutches but allowed him to flee to a mountain where he laid a trap for her in order to exact his revenge for her death. The giant who was supposed to guard the cave was actually asleep inside the cave waiting for the foolhardy beast to awake so that he could sacrifice his life for his beloved. As expected, the creature did exactly as he was told and the princess returned safely to her home while the foolhardy beast was forever doomed to wander the earth.

Now, the story of the novel has a much different ending. Instead of the king sacrificing himself for the sake of his beloved, Belle gets sick and dies of a broken heart. In her final moments, she realizes that she loves the beast but that she can’t have him because of her vow made to her father. Belle’s father, being a very wise man, saw right through her ruse and realizes that the only way for her to survive is to abandon both herself and the Beast to roam the world until death do them part. However, Belle must do this with the assistance of an enterprising young man named Beast who wishes to marry her despite her wishes.

The beauty of the novel comes from Belle’s character. As the story continues we see that she is no longer that innocent naive figure we once knew. Her transformation changes her from a sweet, passive girl to a strong, independent woman who can think for herself and not rely on anyone else to make her dreams come true. Belle seems to be a far cry from the pretty face we once knew; in other words, Beauty and the Beast lyrics are an interesting read as they provide an insight into a modern day woman’s psyche.

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