Beauty and the Beast Theme Song


The most popular Beauty and the Beast theme song is the first part of the original story written by Sir Peter Shaffer and Charles Morritz. It’s quite simple: a merchant’s daughter gets herself kidnapped by a fairy, and the king of beasts decides to solve the riddle of her disappearance: he needs her to return to him, but she refuses. The king curses her to be his wife until he marries her. To avoid this, the prince allows Belle to marry him, and the couple goes on their romantic honeymoon.

The second part of the original story involves a wicked witch who tries to get Belle to marry a prince, but she refuses because she doesn’t like the idea of being a mere housewife. The witch sends her to a lunatic insane asylum, where a therapist tries to cure her of her boredom by asking her to dance for him. The theme song starts playing while the therapist is performing this magic, so that eventually Belle manages to dance for the beast instead of against him…and he makes her a beautiful bride. This makes the movie one of the greatest animated love stories ever, and it’s also one of the most successful theme songs of all time.

The Beauty and the Beast theme song makes an interesting addition to almost any collection of movie memorabilia. The lyrics are catchy, and the imagery is classic. The visual images are a joy to watch, and the jingles and music build excitement for a great movie. So whether you enjoy the original Disney movie version of Beauty and the Beast, or the modern-day version with Tim Burton, the theme song is a great addition to any collection. The lyrics are memorable, the rhythm is good, and you’ll never again have to wonder what might have happened if Beast had married Belle…

Beauty and the Beast Theme Song

If ever there was a great opportunity for an inside look into the psyche of a child it is the Beauty and the Beast Theme Song. The first time I heard this theme song I remember thinking how much I hated the fact that the lyrics to the original song said pretty much what the movie was saying in the context of being about a ugly and beastly woman. It is probably safe to say that a lot of people who like both the movie and the theme song have a pretty similar opinion about the original Disney musical. That’s where the similarities end however, as I became even more irritated by the blatant censorship that occurred during the run of the film. You see, while most of what is in the movie is pretty much intact, there are a few parts that now seem a bit odd, namely the beginning and the end songs.

Both the Beauty and the Beast theme song and the original movie’s theme song are exactly the same, with some variations here and there. There is also a difference between the two versions when it comes to which is played during the film. The first version of the song has been played only once in the entire run of the film, while the second version is played twice (in the beginning and at the end). If you’re going to change one of these songs during the middle part of the film it almost seems like Disney thought they might lose me forever, which they did, but thankfully they did not.

The original’s version is just about as far out as Disney could go, using a number of weird musical instruments, odd singing and just about every other weird thing you can imagine. In the middle section of the film they decided to play a slower version of the Beauty and the Beast theme song that doesn’t incorporate any instruments at all, which just adds to the confusion. It’s almost as if they realized they were going to lose us on this one. The second version’s Beauty and the Beast theme song, while not as weird as the original, is actually pretty good and just as enjoyable as the first, especially considering how fast-paced the film can get. It’s just frustrating that the band playing in the background during some moments seems to be able to play just about anything at all.

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